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Sixty40 Bodyboarding App Concept

  • Date: January 1, 2018

  • Skills: Interface & User Experience Design

  • Client: Sixty40 Bodyboarding Magazine


01. Intro

Sixty40 Bodyboarding Magazine is an online platform that showcases South African and International Bodyboarding at it's finest. I have been visiting the site since I was a kid while being inspired and pushed by the local community to surf hard and chase my dreams. The Cape Town Bodyboarding community is family and we all play a party in the South African Bodyboarding legacy. We are all proud of our sport and watching local riders reach the top motivates each and every one of us to ride harder and support our sport.

02. The Brief

I tasked myself to come up with a new design concept that would make the current website much more interactive along with implementing a customized weather and surf report for all desktop and mobile devices.

All photography in the concept is by the man himself Sasha Spex Specker.

03. Usage

The idea behind this was to inspire a new look and approach to how we view our daily dose of wave riding as well as incorporate a powerful surf report to ensure a solid amount of consistent and confident users. The overall project was not brought to life other than a personalized build which I will keep safe for a rainy day ;)

Passion projects are key!